Houses in flood

RTLR™ Flood Aversion System

With a proprietary system, Rooftop Liferafts brings your family/employees quick deployment or "cognitive offloading" when disaster strikes. Coast Guard approved,4,6,8 human CO2 deployed urban raft systems for flood and tsunami aversion.

We make safety and survival gear for floods and natural disasters

We at RTLR believe one in one thing. Survival. Our products represent that. Using state of the art technology and innovation, our products are designed to bring your family logical, practical, and user friendly survival gear for catastrophic natural disasters.

All of our products are Engineered, handcrafted using strong, lightweight materials without compromising on strength and durability.

The worlds sea levels are rising at an unprecedented rate. The growing intensity and severity of global storms is prevalent. The world needs a solution for homeowners that find themselves on their roofs waiting to be rescued. We at RTLR bring you solutions to get You and Your family safely to higher ground.

Our residential, commercial and industrial models bring multi rise complex’s, work camps, and the hospitality sector a solution that works. Homeowners, office workers, students, all needed a solution to get themselves to safety in an emergency flood situation.

CAD drawing of Roof Top Life Rafts life raft survival system

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